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“There once was a man and a woman who lived in a perfect garden. they where welcome in this idyllic thicket so long as they didn’t eat the fruit of one particular tree, you probably know the rest of the story, but what you didn’t know is that although Adan and Eve ruined it,  for the rest of us , you can still have the chance to find your way back to Eden.

Paradise takes the form of a spiky volcano peak called Saba (pronounced say-bah) that pushes  forth from the sea to pierce the lazy clouds above its hard to believe that this breathtaking retreat is but a 15 minute flight from garish casinos and condominiums, especially since the island´s  homogeneous white green architecture adds an extra sense of perfection to the naturally gifted enclave.

Just when you thought that nothing could be more beautiful than Saba´s jagged volcanic landscapes, a trip below the ocean´s surface reveals a colorful kingdom of neon coral that teems with fat reefs sharks, sea turtles and slippery fish. these dive sites ranks among´s the top diving spots in the world and are very good protected by the well established  National Marine Park”. -The Lonely Planet-


Where is Saba: Saba is a five square mile (13km2) island located at Latitude – 17.38 North ~ Longitude – 63.13 West in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, 28 miles southwest of its international hub the island of St. Maarten.



Formally part of the Netherlands Antilles in 2010 she became part of a Special municipality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with the islands of St. Eustatius and Bonaire.

How to get there: Saba can be reached by air & sea from its neighboring island of St. Maarten. By air it takes a sprightly 12 minutes and by Sea a more leisurely 90 minutes. All travel to Saba connects in St. Maarten. Several major airlines from North America, Europe and South America carry daily flights into St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM). Special charter flights are also available from major cities during the winter season. There are currently two airlines and two ferry services that operate schedules to Saba’s shores from her international hub.


Ferry Services: Two regular Ferry Services use the Port; the Dawn II Ferry which is based on Saba and The Edge Ferry run by Aquamania which is based on St. Maarten. Check in times from St. Maarten are 4.00 p.m. from Dock Maarten Marina, Great Bay, Philipsburg, for the Dawn & 8.00 a.m. at Pelican Marina for the Edge. The services do not run daily and are subject to change/weather conditions (as all travel is to Saba). Check out their web sites in our related links to get accurate up to date schedule information.

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Climate: Saba’s climate is as close to perfect as it can get, averaging 24°C, Easterly Tradewinds & the Mountain peak result in an ever changing cloud movement. During winter, temperatures drop as low as 17°C, so a light sweater is advised for travel during this time.

Famous for: Striking volcanic scenery World Class Diving

Depth: For all freediving levels, from 2m to 100+ m

Sunrise/Sunset Average: 5:54 am to 5:30 pm.

Language: The official language on Saba and Sint. Maarten is Dutch, but English is widely spoken

Documents: Saba is a municipality of the Netherlands. A valid passport is required for entry into the island.

Area Code: +011 599

Capital: The Botton


Average Water Temp: 84F (29C) in summer; 77F (25C) in winter.

Average Water Visibility: Peaks at 80 to 150 feet in winter, Saba’s cooler, drier season. Water clarity can fall to between 60 and 100 feet in summer.


SABA Hotels: You will find a number of excellent boutique hotels not the usual international hotel chains or large-scale resorts.

Taxes and tipping: The government room tax of 5% is automatically added to your bill. A service charge of 10% or 15% will be added to your bill. For taxis and guides, tip at your own discretion

Size and Population – Saba is 13Km2 or 5sq miles, a tiny gem stone in the Caribbean Sea. The Island’s population is approximately 1900.

Language: Dutch is the official language, however, English is without a doubt the dominant language.

Currency: United States dollar (US$). Credit & Debit cards commonly accepted.

Travel tips: Saba is a paradise for freedivers, scuba divers, hikers, Bird Watchers, nature lovers. The Unspoiled Queen has no traffic lights, no crowds, no crime, no fast food restaurants, no casinos, no cruise ships and unfortunately not real beaches as well. Most travellers come for scuba diving, hiking, climbing, breath-taking views and now FREEDIVING. The island is especially known for its ecotourism.


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